Things to Look For In a Commercial Safe

There are so many things to consider when you are buying a safe. A lot of different aspects are found in each safe and different safes cater to different requirements. Whether you are looking for a commercial safe or a personal one, you need to know a few things about safes before buying them.

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Burglary Protection

The terms resistant or burglary proof do not have any standalone meaning. These are basically marketing strategies used by manufacturers for better sales. What you should find out however is whether or not your safe is UL certified. It stands for Underwriters Laboratories. They test safes whether or not your safe can be easily broken into. For a commercial safe TL ratings are more accurate. UL certification automatically means that it won’t be accessible to average criminals.

Fire Proof

A pertinent question amongst buyers is whether their safes are protected from fire. Here too you must not look for such terminology which suggests it is fire proof. This time too you must look for UL rates as well as ETL certification. Both of these certificates suggest that these safes have undergone tests that prove their security. The safes that undergo these tests maintain a 350 degrees temperature, and a commercial safe must be ranked to withstand a fire for up to 120 minutes. The 350 degrees mark is essential. Anything higher than that will damage papers. So your safe will keep your valuables safe in case of a fire.

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Data Protection

You might want to store a lot of important documents inside your safe. So asking if a fire proof safe will protect your papers then it indeed is a valid question. But unfortunately that option might not be available so easily, as data could be destroyed at a way lower temperature so if you want to protect data look for a commercial safe that has another layer of protection in it, maybe a fire proof drawer.


Weight can be an issue in certain circumstances but it is not very usual. Usually, weight does not stress the floor of a safe even in the least. But it also depends on the foundation on which the safe is set. If it is set on an upper floor then the joists of the ceiling will undergo a test. If necessary you must reinforce the ceiling joists. The footprint of the safe will matter in this case as a larger area if covered would mean the equal distribution of the weight all over the area. If you are thinking of installing a safe that is heavier than 1000 pounds get an inspection of the building done by some architect.


You can expect a warranty if you are buying your commercial safe from a reputed seller or manufacturer. Providing a warranty is a basic standard for any product. These may cover burglary and fire, and usually comprise of just a year.

Now you know all the information necessary in order to buy the right safe for you so go ahead and buy a safe keeping all these pointers in mind. To Find more info Click here!


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