Industrial security

In 1997, in order to increase security and efficiency in case of disaster, the municipality of LaSalle, acting in conjunction with the Fire Department, created the Comité industriel en sécurité de LaSalle (CISL). This committee is essentially a regrouping of enterprises concerned with health and security in the work place. Its aim is to share among all its members the expertise developed by each in regards to fire and industrial security through the exchange of ideas, equipment and resources of all types.

The CISL makes it possible for its members to remain abreast of the latest tendencies within the domain, to form ties, in an informal way, with partners in the public sector and other key participants within the milieu, and to show the tangible implication of their enterprises as responsible corporate citizens of LaSalle.


Companies Partners
Arborite Borough of LaSalle
Brasserie Labatt du Canada Centre de sécurité civile
Building products of Canada corp. Développement économique LaSalle
Delmar Environment Canada
Fleischmann’s Yeast Service de police de la Ville de Montréal
Total Canada Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal
Weir Canada



To this day, the CISL has many major accomplishments to its credit:

  • The setting up of a private radio frequency common to members and making it possible for industries to communicate together in emergency situations
  • The creation of a workplan permitting the creation of structured intervention plans and emergency measures plans
  • The organisation of a public communication campaign aiming at informing LaSalle citizens of the risks of major industrial accidents and the security measures adopted. For this intervention the CISL has won a mention of honour from the Mérite québécois de la sécurité civile
  • The production of information sheets created for the communication campaign. They were created for each participating enterprise and give details on products, potential risks of major industrial accidents, and the various means of intervention put forth in case of incidents
  • The production of the bulletin Vigie, an information bulletin destined to inform LaSalle enterprises of the activities of CISL, of the practices and regulations in regards to industrial and fire security, and of important news in those matters
  • The implantation of made to measure training courses adapted to participating industries.


To be part of the Comité industriel en sécurité de LaSalle (CISL) is, without a doubt, a plus for any industry concerned with its practices and its environment. The sharing of needs and expertise of each industry member favours the creation of new projects while stimulating the improvement of existing structures.

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