How Can You Sell Your Condo Quickly?

  1. Set the right price. If you post your condo at a price much higher than the market value, you may scare away potential buyers. In addition, a condo that has been on sale for a long time tends to decrease in price, because buyers know that your condo does not find takers. There must be a reason! You could hire an accredited appraiser to establish a realistic selling price.
  2. Has the documents ready. Make sure you have all the relevant documents for the future buyer:  tax bill (municipal and school), electricity bill, certificate of location, condominium declaration, etc. You will prove that you are serious in your condo sales and the buyer will be reassured by having direct access to documents.
  3. Has it inspected. By using an inspector, you will get an objective document that reflects the state of your condominium. The buyer will have the necessary information to make an informed decision.etobicoke condos for sale
  4. Chooses the right broker and the right appraiser. Choosing an evaluator or a quality real estate broker should be a priority to sell your condo quickly and at a good price. Competent and available professionals will be able to support you and give you all the necessary resources to sell your condo in etobicoke. Compare them by filling out the bid solicitation form on this page.
  5. Be honest do not hide information such as water damage, for example. You could be dragged to court if you do not. Inspecting your condo is a way to be transparent, but it’s important to be honest all the way.
  6. The devil is in the details. Do not neglect your squeaky door or your leaky faucet. A buyer will probably notice the details that seem the most insignificant and will wonder if other elements are banging in the condo. A perfectly maintained condo will significantly increase your chances of selling faster.
  7. Keeps your pets away whether it’s a big dog or a cat, pets do not please everyone because some are scared or allergic. You risk losing a sale if the buyer only thinks of leaving your condo. This is a detail that can have serious consequences.etobicoke condos for sale
  8. Asks your real estate broker. A broker should tell you what he has done for you on a regular basis. Get along with him so he can tell you about his activities on a weekly basis. This way, you will get the right time about the progress of your file.
  9. Clean it well! Cleanliness is essential. An attractive exterior encourages the buyer to visit the interior. Your yard must be neat, the entrance clear and the windows clean. Inside, clean up and clear the space so visitors do not feel cramped.
  10. Find a good photographer the photos of your condo can make a huge difference in the sale of it. Since the photos will be used to attract buyers, it is necessary to find someone who knows his job well and who can enhance your condo. Check with your real estate broker to find out the photographer he is dealing with.
  11. Free visits can increase the visibility of your property to potential buyers. “FREE VISIT” signs placed at strategic intersections facilitate access to your property. Announce your free visit on the internet and in newspapers, etobicoke condos for sale for example.
  12. Create an atmosphere. Think of the lighting: open the curtains during the day and turn on the lights at night. If necessary, add lamps. Air your home well. Do not resist the buyer with strong smells, such as incense or spicy foods.


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