About us

Since 1984, Développement économique LaSalle is the organism mandated by the borough of LaSalle to act as commissaries responsible for the economic development of LaSalle in cooperation with the Direction of urban planning and services to enterprises within the borough. The main activities in terms of local economic development are:

  • Planning
  • Support for start-up
  • Services to existing  enterprises
  • Support to commercial arteries
  • Urban planning
  • Territorial promotion

Développement économique LaSalle is also an agent of CLD. The mandates assigned by the Montréal agglomeration are to:

  • Manage a multiservice outlet for entrepreneurial matters
  • Develop local entrepreneurship including  social economy
  • Manage the investment funds and the grant programs
  • Act as a consulting organism for the benefit of the local employment center
  • Devise a Plan of action for the local economy and employment (PALEE) on a triennial basis


Stimulate and support business initiatives from individuals and enterprises aiming at encouraging economic growth and increasing LaSalle’s collective wealth.


To become the reference point for all enterprises, partners, and promoters within the LaSalle area in terms of economic development.

We offer a unique outlet grouping a complete array of services related to business development and destined to enterprises and promoters. Our objective is to accommodate all business projects in LaSalle.